Really going after it, no matter what

There comes a time in life or a moment of inspiration when a person decides they’re really going after it, no matter what.  I guess that is where I see myself right now and when I look back to all the times in my life that I can be proud, it would be when I had this attitude.

Really going after it, no matter what takes desire, commitment, a clear picture vision of what it is you truly want to achieve.

To see it, feel it, taste it, imagine yourself in the picture like it is real.  This is the secret magic to manifesting your desire.  

To set your intention with the clear picture.  To work out what steps it will take and to really go after it, no matter what.  

Just writing this sends a vibration through me, an excitement.

THIS is where you want to be with your goal, so energised to just get busy and get into action with it.

really going after it, no matter what

This year I set myself a goal to blog more.  I wanted to blog weekly and although my consistency with this has missed target thus far, I am still really going after it, no matter what.

Why?  Simply because I see each day and each week as a new opportunity to do better.  

I can hit the reset button anytime I like and today, no matter what, I’m declaring to really go after my blog goal like I have other goals in the past.  Just because I didn’t blog every week since the beginning of the year, I can decide and act to hit this goal every week from today moving forward.  

Maybe the picture I had for this goal was not strong enough until now.  

SO, what I’ve done is sat back, given the space to look at where my heart and priorities are and am setting a stronger picture with this one goal in particular.  I can see the value in this activity, the way it raises my vibration and the potential it has to grow my other goals just for the power writing gives me.

How can I stay on track… Keep in the zone… allow the consistency to kick in?

  • I make a plan,
  • set a post schedule,
  • allow for impromptu inspiration to hit me and write when the motivation hits rather than put it off.  
  • Make writing a high priority for me.  
  • Let it inspire and excite me.  
  • Let it feed my soul.  
  • BE the blogger, the writer, the creator my higher self dreams me to be.  

Stop wishing and dreaming and just start doing.  

Turn off the distractions and just get busy writing, and writing and writing some more!


I’ll aim to keep the motivation activated by using the goal to collaborate and integrate with other things important to me.

Things like my social media where I aim to inspire others and have aligned goals to be more of a creator of my own authentic content rather than piggy backing on everyone else’s.

I’ll make a point to remind myself of the other higher purpose to my goal being to continue to build a tribe of my own, to attract people to my content that look forward to reading what I have to say each week.  By sticking with my goal, my picture, really going after it, no matter what then I’m bound to have some success here.

What are you really going after, no matter what?

Share with me your goal/s in the comments below. Together we can shine and achieve.  Maybe you have your own strategy or want to share when and how you went after something, no matter what and found great success!!

I know for sure I’m here blogging for the long haul – no matter what! 😉

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