Blogging Authentically My Way

I’ve cracked it the past week because all I’ve wanted to do was write my blog – blogging authentically MY WAY!  In my head there’s the voice that looks over at the YOAST suggestions all the time telling me my readability stinks, that I’m not using my keywords enough.  I honestly think it is like a doubter or an ego voice who wants to will me or spook me to fail!


Rather than just writing whats on my heart and mind.  Instead of deciding that it doesn’t matter what SEO says, or if people will even find my blog when they type in my keywords to search.  Or even if some spammy troll person will come and post a comment to this post wanting to help me with my SEO!! Arrrrgh!! I just want to swear right now!! Why the **BLEEP** don’t I just write what I want to bloody well write here!!

Does anyone else reading this blog feel my pain? If you too write a blog, do you have one of those “helpers” on your blog that has you doubt your worthy content or ability to write and express your english words? Is it stopping you creating content like is stops me?

What is Blogging Authentically MY Way Anyway?

I don’t even believe I’ve truly established my voice yet with this blogging thing.  I have too many voices in my head scattering my vision.  One thing for certain is that I want to inspire people to find their way to do what they love and do it without fear.  Fear of judgement, stigma, sleepless nights or trolls who want to stomp on their authentic parade.  To find a way to live their most authentic life, to create a living doing that, and be sovereign.

There is so much stuff out there that has the power to take away our individual power – just like the tools I’m using to write my blog that tell me my readability stinks.  So many people offering ways to help you do this better or that better.  Even I’M one of those people promoting ways to fix your thinking, change your life!! HA HA HA!!


With all the offerings out there, it is a necessity to become guardians of our time and our headspace.  To develop the skill of becoming an opportunity filter so we don’t get caught up in all the unnecessary time-wasting “stuff” that passes our newsfeed.  Pretty much like this blog is right now – I am grateful you are here reading this though.


Because I have made a personal art of clicking on and subscribing to all these opportunities to guide me to

  • blog better
  • market better
  • attract my tribe better
  • be authentically better

I’ve also paid attention waaaay too much to the SEO / keyword advice and instead of writing a blog and just sharing it, I’ve spent hours writing a blog to not ever share it and to give up writing another blog for weeks and weeks AND WEEKS!! ALL because some computer thinks people / Google can’t read it easily enough!

It’s kind of similar to when you log in to Facebook to make a few quick posts and one hour later you’ve watched three videos and shared four quotes about being positive!

I’ll let the people be the judge. SO if you think my blogging authentically my way stinks or is good, let me know with a comment.  Thanks.


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